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***Annie Ross, South City, St. Louis..... Your site is awesome!!! I will be looking you up for pieces for my dollhouse!!"   10/17/05   "Annies handcraft fairies and dolls, are out of this world!!!!"

***Jacqueline Nickelson, Birkdale Queensland, Australia "Awesome Ruth, I do hope you do very well. Your creations are far to good  to put on ebay."   10/19/05   " My buddie is bias!"  But I have done pretty things for her!

*** Jeanette Wheeler, Roanoke, VA... I'm so happy you have your own website now. I've been so very pleased by everything I've purchased from you and found you delightful to work with. I can't wait to get some custom bedding and curtains done by you. Your  attention to detail and creativity are truly inspiring. 10/15/05 "Thank you Jeanette....You are precious to me!"   

 ****Shannan  Harris...Wilmington, Delaware.... Love the GENTLEMAN'S ROOM!!!...but of course I think all of your work is fantastic, especially the custom drapes you did for me. Keep up the great work. Much Love...11/22/05 Shannan, could you get me some free commercials on your TV show?  Love you....#2 Mom

***Sharron Reece.............Cresent City, Florida....11/29/05 Way to go girl!!! Awesome....Love you!   Awww....ya snuck in here and didn't tell me....Now, if I could just get you interested in the minis, that would be a feather in my cap....Love you!!!

*****From Julie Villa  Santa Barbara, CA...   12/10/05 Received my Abigail and Lita, They exceed all expectations. I'm heartbroken, Julia and Tara were've spoiled me for anyone else's work...Julie, don't dispair.. I WILL take  care of your broken heart!!!!  With pleasure!!!!  Thank you!!!

*****From Vivian Robertson...Ontaria, Canada...  Dear Ruth, You enclosed a note in your package, saying you hoped I was pleased....sorry, Ruth, that just doesn't cut it, I am EXTATIC, AWED, SPEECHLESS, ASTOUNDED!  Your pictures do not do justice to your work.  I am so impressed I am running out of adjectives to describe your work. I LOVE YOUR WORK AND WILL RECOMMEND YOU TO EVERYONE I KNOW     Thank you Viv...I do look forward to working with you in the future!!!
*****  Heidi R. ..Norway...12-28-05  You are so talented. I really love the drapes you made for me... Thank you so much.      Heidi is a beautiful young lady with two beautiful children of her own    its so nice to know her miniatures will be passed on to her heirs....Thank you dear friend.!!
 ***** Carol L. Mahovlich....Enon Valley, PA.....1-06-06... Lazy Acres Ranch:  I love your things!!!!  So precious!   Thank you Carol, enjoyed so much chatting with you, seeing your wonderful family, the ranch and all the critters.. So glad we met, we're on common ground!!!
 ***** D Johns.....Holiday Florida......1-20-06.... Outstanding, originals, nothing can compare. I'm ready to start building roomboxes to house my favorites!!!     Hum....Florida? Warm ? Sunny?   Building Roomboxes???  Need help? Thank you....Stop by anytime!!!!  
***** Janet Goodrick....Beautiful York, England....1-28-06.....Ruth, I love to come and browse....couldn't you just sink into one of those beds? With your wonderful imagination and true artistry,....what incredible pieces of work you create. Long may it continue!!!    Yes, Janet, I "think " I sleep in each one  of my beds... Thank you for your compliments.. I am honored...cause I have seen the beautiful work you do!!!  Please...come browse anytime....
*****Kelly...Philadelphia..........1-28-06...........I just absolutely love your work...You are truly an artist. I have never said "WOW" so much in 15 minutes in my life..I'll be back when I'm ready to decorate my bedroom.  Thank you Kelly.....Your compliments, humble me..... I am a seamstress, creating the visions I see!!!....The artistry, comes from somewhere else!!!!  I love what I do, and so enjoy making things that others enjoy seeing...I'm waiting on you!!!!  
***** Sylvia....Hemel Hempstead,  UK......1-30-06.....Ruth, I simply had to look at "Sylvia"  Its truly superb. I also love Megan. Let me know if you get any joy with the pelemts....  Regards..... Sylvia...I did my best on that bed set..and thought of you....So its in your honor... I know you went out on a limb to try and make those pelmets for me....Sometimes it just not meant to be!  This set honors your efforts!!!!  God Bless...
***** Karen Giordano..Ft. Lauderdale, Fla... 1-31-06.... "I have been to hundreds of dollhouse miniature sites and you are by far one of the most talented I have seen. I am almost ready for my interior finishes on my next house and I will need some of your art work to complete it.. I will be in touch.   Really, you embarrass me!!! When I think of all the wonderful sites out there, you put me in an honorable catagory....My talent is God ideas and visions,... devine counsel.  I'm honored.... Look forward to making something special for your project... Thank you!!!! 
***** Anon Y. Mous.....Indianapolis, Ind.......2-19-06....Your creations are superb- perfect scale, lovely styles, fancied up to the 9th scale, but not overdone like some are, luscious,elegant!!    Wow, Anon.....I think your compliment is what every designer lives to hear!!! Work appreciated for   size, and acceptance of design, color, creativity and  individual style...I know your comments thrilled and humbled me!!!.... I'm honored!!! Great feeling to be appreciated!! 
*****Susanne Billinger.....Austria....3-11-06.....I enjoyed looking at your creations. Your talent makes me speechless, I have never seen such outstanding, beautiful and lovely beds and drapes before. Your work is awesome and an inspiration. I will come back soon to place an order. Hope you ship to Austria??     Susanne....thank you so much!  I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit, and your compliments  are very appreciated... I'm waiting on you....Will be thrilled to have my work in your hands!!!  
*****JoAnn Nixon...Middle Tenn........4-08-06.....I have recently joined SSD and saw your post. I am in awe! I am in the planning stages of the Foxhall  Manor for my G'Daughter........I would love one of your bed sets.  I am very excited that I have found your website and look forward to your answer...   Thank you Joan, for passing your excitment on to me...With our conversation on saturday.....The Victoria bed set will be on your doorstep by wednesday... I thank you very much, and hope that  you are pleased with your selection..
*****Blanco...Madrid, Spain....4-15-06....I have found you have an exquisite sensibility for miniatures, and everything is so elegant and gorgeous!!!  You are an example for every collector.  I am humbled by your compliments. I know you have the opportunity to see wonderful miniatures, thru your association with Miniaturas Magazine,  I'm thrilled that  my work, pleases you.
*****Madelva....Pub. Miniaturas Magazine..Madrid, Spain.....4-15-06....You are the BEST!!  Your fairy cage is incredible, so lovely, everything you do is excellant, indeed.  Having seen your beautiful books, and the fabulous miniatures from artisians all over the world..  I am truly honored, that you feel my work is worthy of your attention. My most gracious thanks!
*****Marie Peters....Whistler,BC. Canada...4-15-06.....I have searched the web relentlessly, looking for fine linens and draperies. Thank goodness I can stop looking. The quality of your work just shines! I have a dozen windows and a little girls room to furnish, and I truly look forward to placing an order.  I'm so glad you found me!  I look forward to the opportunity of being a part of your dollhouse decorating!!  Thank you for your  compliments, I am anxious  to create something special for your project....
*****Cindy Lovelace....Paso Robles, CA....4-15-06....I absolutely love Debois' Boudior.  I am very new to this miniature world. I had no idea things this beautiful were created...Welcome, to a world that will, everyday of your life, astound you, thrill you, and inspire you, with the most wonderful creations from artisians all over the world...  You are just getting started!!!!  I envy you, but I still am in awe, after being around for ten years!!.. You honor me with your compliments...Please, come back often! 
*****Judi Harper, Seattle Wash.   4-17-06......Your work is fantastic. I would like one of all of them!    Judi...just let me know when you're ready and I'll start packing them up!!!!  Thanks, Come back soon!!                       
*****Norma  Marquez, Mexico City, Mexico.....5-4-06.....Hi from Mexico!!  I went to the links on  Ann Vanture's site .....saw your page. The items are incredible.  I will get in touch  to have some things custom made.... Hello Mexico!!!!  Thank you, Norma...looks like I lost the last of your message, but I stand ready to make something special for you... Whenever you're ready!!
*****Rose Marie.......Venice, Florida....5-18-06 ....Loved your site. Your work is absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you for your compliment and for visiting the site!  Stop back any time!`
****** Anne Gaul, Cleveland, Ohio...8/22/06...Your beds are absolutely gorgeous. I've looked all over the web and you have the nicest! I'll be buying one soon! .....Thanks Anne....Thats real encouragement!  Hope you find the one you can't live without! 
*****Chris Hodskinson...Bamber Bridge,UK....8-23-06....The love of your craft shines through. What a joy to view your creations. I have something else on my wishlist, now!  Yep...thats it...  Pure Love!!  Thank you, Chris...hope I can put one in your dream house!!!
***** Susan Dean...Myrtle Beach, SC.....8-23-06...gorgeous beds and are a true artist!  Thank you!  Guess its taken a few years to get to this point, but love of the hobby, inspries  the creativity!!!   
*****Gill Bryan...England....8-24-06....Absolutely mouthwatering  beds!  I'd love to have one in my real life home..Oh gee, I can make one of these for you to sleep in too!!  I'd love to visit England...if I ever get there, I'll look you up!!! Thanks... 
*****Cyndy Gorenflo....Baltimore, MD...8-24-06...I found your website through the half scale yahoo group. I can sum it up in one word WOW!  You  absolutely do some great work. The beds are gorgeous...Cyndy wasted no time to  special order  an art deco 1/2 scale bed.  My first try...I hope you like it!!!!  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!  
Green Sock on Left Foot on Tuesday Gang!!!  GSOLFOT!!
*****Deanna... Ark...GSOLFOT   9-13-06  WOW, your work is so fabulous I'm almost too intimidated to leave you a message. Stunning, every last piece, just stunning. Welcome again to the Towers...  Wow...Deanna, you bowl me over... I'm thrilled that you came to look... Don't make me cry...   I'm humbled!!!!
*****Jacqui Goddess of Chaos  GSOLFOT....Hilo, HI...9-13-06....Glad you joined us and your work is truly artisian quality. You have mastered the art of achieving full draping in scale, to create lush works of art. Welcome to the insanity! Whoa another hit off the ole chair... I'm pretty close to tears here...   You guys know real quality, and you're making me feel pretty good...  Thank you.... I'm honored.... 
*****Anji Riley...Stockport, UK....GSOLFOT.... 9-13-06....I have just one word   AWESOME Green Socks Rule.!!!   I agree with the GS!!!!  but thanks for your opinion!! Greatly appreiated..
*****Lynn NoE...Cahokia, Il....GSOLFOT9-14-06.... GSOLFOT.... I love your work! What an imagination.  Hugs...Thanks Lynn, isn't it best that I really don't make what I see sometimes? LOL!!!!
Noni The OZ....UK... 9-14-06  GSOLFOT...Nice work- glad to see your pictures, thank you for sharing them.     Ewwww....The Big Kahuna!  Your Majesty's presence has honored me!!!  (Bow, bow, bow)..  Please visit anytime, and  be nice to me when I goof up!!!  Your humble servant!!!! 
*****Pam ...SC... GSOLFOT....9-15-06.... WOW Beautiful beds. I am stunned. You are so talented.  I love them all!!!   Thank you!!!  Make you a deal on the lot!!! LOL!!!! Stop by anytime!!!!
*****Scaloot....Montana....GSOLFOT...9-15-06.... Yummy,Yummy,  Now if I just had some rooms or even windows!!!   Thank you!!!  We can build you some rooms WITH windows...  Just let me know when ya want to start!!!   Welcome!!! 
***** Jene..GSOLFOT...keeper of backward sayings.....9-20-06... I love your bad witch bed, in fact all your beds look so nice and comfy, you won't mind if I take a little snooze on one???  Jene, thanks  for stopping by!!!!  You just come right over, whenever you get tired...  I'll tuck you in, in your favorite bed, serve you some warm green bubbly, maybe even read you a story... and off you go into mini dream land!!!  Yes, that bed is so wicked, so nasty, it would take a bad witch to sleep there!!! Thanks!!!