Thanks for all your wonderful comments.. I just have to start a second page!!!....

*MB Garvin.....Annapolis, MD...9-20-06...... You have created the most elaborate and inventive bedroom suites I have EVER seen. I was shocked by your prices, because I was sure there was a misprint when I looked at the first few beds. I thought they would surely cost an additional $100-200. The suites with vanity, etc, are amazing buys, Thank you for displaying your art to the world. You are an artist who inspires me to keep improving my own small skills with a beautiful dream of what is possible to achieve in miniature. 

**** Pat Wagner/TWEED/GSOLFOT...10-04-06.... I just received my Christmas bed and drape and they are WONDERFUL! Your work is OUTSTANDING! You are such a joy to work with and you ship the beds out so fast. Even tho' the pictures are very nice you HAVE to see the beds in person. I am one very happy person. I just hope the room I make can do the bed justice. Thanks again, Pat/TWEED/GSOLFOT..... 

***** Ranger Jan~PI...GSOLFOT...Atlanta, GA....10-15-06.....Beautiful work, Ruth. Wish I could curl up in one of those beds myself and the curtains are SO perfect. Your talent is amazing. 

**Debbie Ladig..Houston TX..I just received "The Deanna Bed Set" Words can't describe how beautiful it is. But if Ruth ever goes full scale, she would put Martha Stewart Living out of business. Thanks again, Debbie 10-27-06. 

***** Cher...GSOLFOT.... Los Angeles, sure do some gorgeous work! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, they are all so wonderful....11/21/06 

***** Ester....GSOLFOT....Summerland, BC, Canada..... 12-8-06...Ruth, your beds are lovely.  What truly lovely work. 

**** Lesley Catsicadellis....Cape Town, So. Africa...12/09/06... I have just been looking at your site, as I, myself have just joined a mini guild club, and absolutely loving every moment. Wow, you are really good, your fabrics you use are tooo beautiful for words. The way you put the fabrics together is breathtaking.

Carol Kemp...Kingston, Ont. Can......12/26/06..Absolutely beautiful!!!! I just became involved in building my dollhouse... Your bed sets are amazing and would love to have them filling my two bedrooms. I am so pleased to have found your site! Excellant.

Pat Bennett....Salem Oregon....1-17-07....I have never seen more beautiful beds than yours. They bring tears to my eyes!!!! 

Lynn NoE....Cahokia...GSOLFOT..1/27/07....I love the beds! If I had a place to put one (or several, LOL!) this would be where I would find them. Hugs, Lynn NoE.GSOLFOT.

Elaine S...Canada...2/9/07....GSOLFOT...Finally I got to see your website. Ruth. Lovely beds! You're a great artisian.

Gail..Dusties & Beamies.. GSOLFOT... 2-12-07...Absolutely wonderful! One could have nothing but sweet dreams on any of your beds!! 


 Kathy Wise Willmore.....Bremerton,WA....4-07-07...Ruth, I looked again, today to see your never fail to amaze and inspire me! Your new creations are spectacular! I am amazed and awed by how you continue to come up with such fabulous ideas and to execute them to complete perfection! It is such a joy coming to your website! Well Done, again!.

Debroah......Ill.....5-27-07...I have searched for realistic dressed beds and window treatments. I have found your site and I can hardly wait to get started! Your work is amazing and elegant.

Carolyn,,,Middletown, NJ...8-1107... Absolutely Beautiful! You have alot of talent. Keep up the good work.

Molly Cromwell...Vannandale VA & Sarasota Fla... 8-19-07.. Your new wall units are so imaginative! One set like that and one's room is nearly complete...You sure know what to do with fabric and the scale of each print is just perfect too. Annie's dolls are the perfect accessory! Cheers, Molly. 

Deanna, GSOLFOT...  ARK...8-19-07...I've received my second bed from you and its definately another stunner! I can't begin to tell you how much I love your beautiful work. The pictures don't begin to do them justice! I can't wait to finish the room and send you pictures.. Love & Vibes.  

Jane Rezza...GSOLFOT..ARK.  8-19-07...Ruth I love the wall units. Have enjoyed the other beds made by you.

Elena.....NY....10-4-07...GREATEST BEDS I've ever seen!!! I have now been motivated to finish building my house just so I can choose a bed to put in it...You have wonderful talent!

Laura....NW AR, USA...10-15-07....A friend sent me the site for drapes. Well, I have spent almost two hours gazing at absolutely beautiful creations. My minis are in storage, but I hope to retrieve them in a couple of months. Oh yes, I am going to order something special. Can't wait. Beautiful craftsmanship, A loving touch! 

Debbie Dixon-Paver....So Africa....1-12-08... Your beds are EXQUISITE! I love your colour combinations and will definately be visiting again. What a JOY!.

Marilyn Friesen, Ottawa, Canada... 1-13-08....First time to your site, but it won't be the last Love your work.

Mary Hamilton, Australia.....1-19-08.... What  absolutely wonderful work you have created. I don't know the words to truely describe the beauty and workmanship, but they are awesome!.

Linda Martin....Sun Prairie, WI...2-3-08......I absolutely love your work- it will be my happy day when I am able to order one of your precious sets- my husband has been told-now he needs to follow thru-these are better than flowers that die soon afterwards.

Edna...Glascow, Scotland... 4-20-08... I just adore your site. I am now saving to buy one of your beautiful beds.

Shirley Els....Tasmania, Australia,...5-03-08...I often visit your site and am always left speechless and drooling! Each piece a Master Piece-I love your Charlotte bed and hopefully I can get to the day sooner rather than later to be able to place an order for a bed. I keep coming back because I am hooked! You are absolutely one of a kind.....and so is each article. Keep up with this great work. Oh, and thank you for doing what you're doing..

Gina....Florida....6-28-08...Your beds are amazing. I never sign guestbooks but your work is just jaw dropping and I had to comment! 

Raylene Sutton...Langley BC, Canada....7/15/08...I love your horse, absolutely beautiful. Strange I just finished a spirit medicine horse to work with my Lakota Medicine man and family. Love Horses..Regards, Raylene.  

 Kathy Dychton...Rochester, NY.  7/18/08...I came to look at your horse, and that is just stunning. But, then I looked at the rest of the website and your beds are incredible. Thank you! 

Kelly Carroll....Jeffersonville, Ind.. 8-24-08...I purchased your Lydia set at the Louisville Show and am estatic about it.. I had thought to put it in my victorian house but it is so outstanding, it needs its own roombox. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I will be buying again.

Norma..Australia... 9-26-08.... Oh my, What beautiful work you do! In particular, I love your gowns and horses. 

Francoise...France... MAGNIQUE!.SPLENDIDE!..10-23-08 

Irene Jablonski...NY...4-18-09... OMG!!! You are very talented-I've enjoyed all your pieces-can't wait to work on a room for one of your bedrooms.   









Marlene Hall.....Regina, Sasktchewan, CA....5-14-09 ...Your site is just wonderful. Particularly love your beds and dolls. I make dolls too. 

 T King...So. California....7-16-09.. Just LOVE your work. Just received a beautiful dollhouse and would love to fill with your mdse. Please keep this web up and running.



I just received the most beautiful drapes that match the beautiful bed I purchased (on sale...couldn't believe the price!!!) So beautiful even my husband made a comment. I love the quality and perfection of your beds! There is no way to describe the skills you possess. Thank you so much!!! Sincerely, Charmayne...8-27-09

Connie Catt...Indiana.. 8.28.09...I just found your site. Your work is beautiful!! I would like to purchase the "Daisy" bed. Such Talent!! ...

Alice  Gavey...NY...9-03-09....Ruth, I love your work. The craftsmanship is incredible. I just purchased a bed from you. Would love to get drapes to match...

Tammy Smith..GA. 9-23-09...I have just found that I have a love for miniaturism in the last couple of months and have just started to make my own rooms and I have to say your work is gorgeous....

Patricia Adams,Essington, PA. 1-29-10....Received my bed set and can't believe how beautiful it is. I'm so glad I ordered after looking at your site for so long. Talented and beautiful, lady! I feel like I have made a new friend......

Verna Buchanan,ME...Wow, your site is even better than before, and I LOVE all the new beds, hats, and paintings you have. You have such an artistic eye, matched only by your generosity of spirit. My exquisitely beautiful wall unit bed with its gorgeous purple fabrics is sitting by my (real) bed so I can enjoy it every day! Can't wait for my birthday so I can order some draperies. 

Debbie Ohm, Ala...2-18...I just love both sets of drapes! thank you for making and shipping them so quicky. I will definately be ordering from you again soon.  Thank you so much!  

Mae Simon...Ala...2-20-10.. Lovely!! A thrill just looking thru such beautiful items. 

Great American Dollhouse Museum, Danville, KY.."Lori" ....4-26-10 .. I enjoyed my visit to your site enormously. Many of your bed sets are absolutely stunning. I like the color combinations very, very much. I also admired your custom draperies. Your work is very rich and have a great design eye...

Debbie Ohm..Ala....6-1-10...I love your work! I wish I could have bought ALL of it from you in Chicago. I really love my curtains. REALLY LOVED the beds you dressed for a friend, and her curtains were stunning as well. Just dropped by to see the new stuff! 

Vickie Montgomery, High Point, NC... 2-14-11   
You are a very talented lady. I am redoing a dollhouse that my daddy made over 30 years ago. I am so excited that I found your website. You will definitely be getting some business from me.

  Kelley Blume... Columbus, Ohio.. 3-6-11 

Your creations are amazing! I am looking forward to making at least one purchase. Will you be attending some miniature shows in the area? I would really like to see everything in person. Thank you!


 Karen Privett,  Goshen, Ohio...3-12-11..

Your site offers the best items I have ever seen for dollhouses. Everything is so beautiful. No, actually too pretty for words. You are the best! I can't wait to order from you.  You deserve an award for your work. 


 Roberta A, Walsh...Vernon, AZ... 4-4-11... 

I have to say your work is just AWESOME !!!! Iam still trying to figure out how to get Monique and an extra pair of drapes? I have two orders coming up,so I hope you will still have her.She is so Beautiful,I just fell in love!!! Thank you for sharing your Beautiful GOD given talent. Thank you Roberta

Vilma Beck.. Conn... 6-3-11  

You certainly outdid yourself!!!  Unbelievably gorgeous!!  I'm sure glad I found you...I can't thank you enough for the beautiful artistry in my hands. My goodness.. God really blessed you with talent...and a wonderful heart...  (Pot -o-Gold & Europa) 

Jessica Young..Manchester,  NH..... 10-18-11...Your Sweetess set is amazing and I can not wait until my dollhouse is finished so I can put it on display. The workmanship and detail in your sets is just incredible! Photos to come soon. Thank you so much!

 Aunt B..... Ohio......2-26-2012.......Your work is phenomental!  I love everything!!!..... Thanks Aunt B...and EVERYTHING is for sale!!!    

 Angela Wallace... Aberdeen, Scotland...  3-5-12...  I love all your minis and bed sets are so reasonably  priced! .......Thanks for visiting.  I try to keep my prices in  medium range so every can afford custom work..  Its a "labor of love"........... 

Jeannine L. Morris...Bellingham,Wash....3-26-12......All your work is beautiful, they are like a dream come true... Thanks Jeannine, for me they are dreams... I love making the visions come to life!!  :)... 

Doreen Patrick....England....4-9-12..   FAB!


Dawn Weaver.......NC.....5-30-12....Your beds are exquisite. Your skill at draping various fabrics is FAB!.......

Roberta Sheeley...PA....6-2-12.....What beautiful work. I cannot tell you how impressed I am. You are truly an atrist. I should live so long...

Sandra Geimer....Maryland...6-3-12....Your work is absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen. I am in awe of your talent.......

BJ....Wash.....6-6-12..........I love your beds and all of the rest! 

Anna Kosinski...11-23-12... Love your furniture and dolls, so very beautiful, especially love the doll Diana..

Margaret Bell...New Zealand.... 1-20-13....What a wonderful web site and what a lucky find for me to stumble onto. Simply stunning. Keep up the good work and all the best for the future.


Terri Rutledge....Ohio....2-1- 13.........Just wanted to see what you have done. Love the beds. You do beautiful work..










                                                                         Deidra Weekes...Queensbury, NY...2-1-13....Your work is beautiful, wish my house wasn't completed. I still keep looking  though and your work tempts me..





Helen Basso... Mililani, Hawii...2-28-13...  Love your beds! Can't believe their not real, full size beds. I have never seen beds this beautiful. I live in Hawaii and we have no miniature store here, so I googled and found you. I'm saving up to purchase one of your bed sets. This is my first time doing a dollhouse and I can't wait to see what your bedroom set would look like in it. Aloha and Mahalo




















































 Alice Wesley, SanDiego, CA... 3-3013....

Your creations are beautiful and what I have been searching for for quite a while. I can not wait to get my dollhouse kit and start decorating. Thank you for your keen sence of the Victorian period.

 Marc Mead.. Edmund, OKLA...

What a privilege to know you! What beautiful work!  5-2-13


Stacy Thibeault.. Maine....6-9-13....Sorry Ruth, I drooled all over your page!  But seriously...your work is so unique and beautiful! I bookmarked your page so I can come back to it!





Mieke Looij .....  UK....  7-17-13......Hi Ruth, Postman has just been , What a very nice surprise, WOW ,Well packet and looking wonderful,Ruth thank you so very much. I am pleased you have signed the bed .With kind regards from a happy person. 



.Carly George... Butler, PA...7-16-13...You have such exquisite work! I am going to be building a haunted doll house and can't wait to buy drapes and bedding from you. Your site is awesome!



Claudia Heckart....Wash.....2-3-14....Your bed sets  are marvelous. I plan to buy one later this year to go with a new doll I acquired.

Lisa Ann....Colo....3-2-14.....Absolutely GORGEOUS items. You are so very talented and I'm thrilled I found your page...    Thank You!!!  


oseMarie Grant...  Wasilla, Alaska ....4-29-14 ..I just found your page and really love your work. I am a beginner mini maker and hope to one day acheive your level.. I am soon to be 80 so I better get with it!  :)... Rosemarie.. I wish you all the luck!! You'll be 120 when you get to 40 years experience!!  

June Caughey...Eildon,  Australia...  11-3-2014...  Just the site, found it by browsing for my dolls house.. Lovely.  Always thrilled to hear from  mini folk from "across the pond!!!"   Thanks!!   :)

Staciy....Oregon Coast, USA....3.3.15....  

Where do I BEGIN? Your creations are amazing! I have always wanted to learn to make the fancy canopy beds that queens and kings use to lay there heads under. Your choice of fabrics and trims go together like they were made for each other. I would love to see your work space and watch you create. Hugs  I'm afraid if you saw my work space it would kill your desire to create!! HAHA! Thanks for stoppin' by!!

 Anne Gilbert....Hazard, KY...3-29-15...  Fantastic workmanship! Can't wait to place some

orders. Just now getting my house. So exciting to see this quality available! laughing


Renee....Ocala, FL...6-23-15... Gorgeous! Love your work!!


Tina...Bloomington, Ill... 9-25-15... I have found my new miniture artist! All my scenes r made with hand made items...yours r amazing! So glad I found ur site! God bless, tina.wink

Sandy Bennett... Minneapolis, MN...5-22-16..........Simply Exquisite Creations!   .................  Thanks Sandy!!!!!!!!!laughing

Diana Davis...Lakeland, Fla.....6-8-16.....  What beautiful work, I just love your gorgeous beds, corset,and dolls. Value prices too! I hope I could order some things soon, Ruthellen.  Thank you cool, Diana 

Izzy...MO....7-10-16...You create lovely things. I am glad I happened upon your site.  I especially love  the horses!!  :)............... Thank you!  Me Too!  wink

 FeliciaTunis... Arkansas....    10-7-17....    Oh how I wish I had encountered this  world while I was still in the work force!!!!  I would have loved to have created a  victorian  dollhouse. Your creations are always what I have envisioned, but never had time to  investigate.   I haunted antique shops and collected  crystal, teapots,abd procealin dolls.  Now I will  window  shop and admire. You are an amazing artist!!!!!!   Ya know Felicia, when we  work  full time  we  never  have  the  time  to spend on hobbies.. Maybe  its  time  for  you  to build  that  dollhouse  and  make  your  dreams  come  true.. Thank you  for  your  warm compliments.. wink

Teresa Burns.....  12/19/17...  I purchased two bed  sets  last  summer  that  you  had on Ebay. Absolutely gorgeous!!   ThanksTeresa.. I'm  so glad  you like  them!!    

Diana... Indiana...  4-7-18....   Beautiful miniatures.   I am  restoring  houses for the historical society  and only wish we could  add some of your equisite items!   I'd love  to  see  my  work in  such a exciting  location.  Thanks for visiting..


Rita C....Burlington,VT   .....6-8-18.....  WOW love your shop!     Thanks for  stopping by!!